Board of Directors

The Border Education Project was the brainchild of three educators who work at Mar Vista High School in Imperial Beach California, the most southwesterly high school in the continental U.S. A large percentage of the student population at Mar Vista either live or have family in Mexico and endure a long, arduous daily wait at the border to attend the school. The daily interaction with students from both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border has given these three educators a unique insight into the educational needs of students living on the U.S.-Mexico border-the longest border in the world between a First World and a Third World country. They formed the Border Education Project in June of 2014 to improve education on both sides of this challenging border.
Peter Honan

Spent 9 years in electronics manufacturing and 19 years as an educator. His background in the public and private sector has given him the insights needed to effectively combine public and private efforts to improve education to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Alex Ramirez

Is a teacher of multimedia and internet and graphic design. He is also an abstract painter and understands the unique role that artistic creativity plays in technology and the workplace.

Gene Chavira

Is a teacher of students with special-needs and has experience and knowledge of their unique requirements and the contributions that these students make in our society. The number of special-needs students is growing and a better understanding of them is crucial to an effective educational system